Senior software professional with extensive technical lead experience developing enterprise software systems utilized by Fortune 500 companies. Skilled across all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. Excels at on-time delivery of cohesive, reliable solutions. Keen focus on architecture, design patterns and coding standards. Proven ability to stay abreast of new technologies and quickly assimilate new skill sets. Experience working across geographically distributed teams and mentoring junior team members. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

I am currently interested in Boston-area opportunities that are:

  • Challenging team lead or architect positions utilizing the latest Microsoft technologies, especially ASP.NET MVC 3+.
  • Positions that span web, mobile web and native mobile application development.
  • Positions requiring solid software engineering skills, allowing the opportunity to learn and apply skills in the open source arena, such as Java, Python, Rails, etc.

— Core Competencies —

Agile methodologies | Code refactoring | Coding standards | Database design & query optimization | Design patterns & principals | Mobile web design & development | Service-oriented architecture | Unobtrusive coding | Web 2.0 technology trends


Languages / Frameworks / Etc.

C#, CSS, Java (academic/novice), JavaScript, Python (novice), Transact-SQL, Visual Basic 6.0, XML, XSLT

ADO.NET, ASP.NET 1.0/2.0/3.5, ASP.NET MVC 3, .NET Framework 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.5/4.0

jQuery, jQuery UI, YUI, MS Ajax Control Toolkit

LINQ, ASMX web services, WCF, WF

MS Enterprise Library 3.1+

IDEs / Source Control / Emulators

Eclipse (novice), Visual Studio 2003, Visual Studio Team System 2005/2008, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, StarTeam, TFS, Visual SourceSafe
Mobile device emulators – Android, Research In Motion (BlackBerry), Windows Mobile

Database Systems

SQL Server 2000-2008, SQL CE, SQLite

Essential Tools

Fiddler Web Debugger, FireBug, JetBrains dotPeek, LINQPad, MS Virtual PC/Server, RSSBandit, UltraEdit


Senior Software Engineer
2006 – Present
Kenexa Corporation, Waltham, MA

Senior Software Engineer for the flagship Kenexa 2x BrassRing (2xB) product, tasked with enhancing and developing new modules for an enterprise web-based software application utilized by Fortune 500 companies such as Wal-Mart, General Electric and Exxon Mobil. The 2xB product is built on Microsoft technologies, featuring an ASP.NET Web Forms UI layer, ASMX/WCF service layer, middle-tier code spanning technologies from VB6 to .NET 4.0, along with a SQL 2008 backend. Server-side code is written exclusively in C#; new modules are developed using ASP.NET MVC 3 and the Razor view engine. Responsibilities include:

  • Playing the role of technology evangelist, leading efforts to adopt new technologies. Most recently I championed the rollout and adoption of .NET 4.0 and ASP.NET MVC 3, as well as the usage of WCF exclusively in the service layer.
  • Writing of detailed design documents.
  • Definition and enforcement of internal coding standards related to technologies such as T-SQL, C# and WCF. Performing code reviews.
  • Review of all data model change scripts submitted by software engineers.
  • Conducting technical interviews of prospective employees.
  • Participation in client-facing calls related to support requests or new development efforts.
  • Mentoring junior resources, including team members based in remote offices located in Vizag, India.
  • Enhancing and troubleshooting the 2xB build and deployment process.
  • Creating and maintaining the Windows Server 2003 OS image used on developer workstations for the 2xB software engineering team.

Worked as technical lead / senior engineer on a wide variety of projects, recently the following:

2xB UI redesign
Senior member of the project team tasked with redesigning the user interface, business logic and services tiers of the core 2xB product. This high-profile project uses technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, WCF and jQuery to achieve a clean, scalable architecture, while improving user experience via simplification of common system tasks and a more dynamic user interface. Highlights include:

  • Usage of ASP.NET MVC 3 and the Razor view engine to achieve separation of concerns and improved unit testability.
  • Usage of jQuery on a wide scale to power faster UI updates via AJAX communication with MVC action methods.
  • Implementation of a WCF-based services tier to mediate the flow of domain data between MVC controllers and the SQL backend.
  • Implementation of ADO.NET-based repositories to perform CRUD operations against the SQL 2008 backend.
  • Usage of AutoMapper to facilitate mapping logic between domain classes, WCF data contracts and view models.
2xB Mobile
As team lead for the 2xB Mobile web product, participated in all phases of the SDLC. Highlights include:

  • Working with Product Management team members to craft the functional specification.
  • Writing a complete design document outlining the intent and design of all system components.
  • Coding an ASP.NET MVC proof of concept implementation to highlight its various benefits, in particular the complete control this technology affords over the markup generated.
  • Coding the ultimate solution in a 3-tier architecture, focusing on architectural best practices and striving for separation of concerns. The solution consisted of: 1) ASP.NET Web Forms UI layer, 2) WCF services tier, 3) custom POCO business object layer, interacting with legacy components via COM interop as needed, 4) data access layer based on the repository pattern.

Applications Developer
2002 – 2006
Kenexa Corporation (formerly BrassRing), Waltham, MA

Tasked with the design and development of software applications using the latest Microsoft technologies. Applications delivered include sale force automation tools, complex systems integrations and web service APIs exposing data stored within internal CRM systems. Highlights include:

  • Received Kenexa “Taking the Helm” innovation award for development of an integration between Active Directory and various internal systems following Kenexa’s acquisition of BrassRing. Developed an API consisting of custom classes wrapping components exposed by the .NET System.DirectoryServices namespace to facilitate communication with AD from C# integration code.
  • As part of a small team of problem solvers, enjoyed the ability to immediately employ the latest and greatest technologies, including Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation.
  • Developed a sales force automation web portal using ASP.NET 2.0 and the Microsoft Web Services Software Factory.
  • Implemented system integration between the BrassRing Onyx CRM system and Mercury Quality Center defect tracking system.
  • Implemented system integrations between Kenexa 2x BrassRing and various external HR systems, including both home-grown and enterprise-level HRIS systems such as ADP Employease.
Technical Consultant
2000 – 2002
Inforay, Cambridge, MA

Primary task was the design and development of web-based business monitoring applications at client sites. Solution development required in-depth analysis of client systems, as well as proficiency across a variety of technology stacks. Specific technologies utilized included Java, JSP, ASP, XML, XSLT, VBScript and JavaScript.

Worked as lead web software consultant for on-site engagements at various Fortune 500 companies, including:

  • Inforay’s highest profile implementation, an 8 month consulting project at FedEx corporate headquarters in Memphis, TN. Delivered a suite of business monitors designed to capture key metrics on a real-time basis from a variety of disparate data sources. Technologies utilized included advanced client-side programming in JavaScript, server-side development in JSP, XML, XSLT and exposure to various database management systems including Oracle and
    SQL Server.
  • Implementation of business monitors at Hewlett-Packard to facilitate real-time tracking of reseller inventories.
  • Implementation of business monitors at Nationwide for the purpose of tracking procurement costs and total cost of ownership metrics.
Software Developer
1999 – 2000
Inforay, Cambridge, MA

Participated in all phases of software development related to the web tier of the Inforay product. Principal area of focus was a rich client-side JavaScript object model designed to interact with XML data provided by the Inforay engine.


Recent Online Coursework

Coursera – Software Engineering for SaaS – May 2012
Coursera – Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part I – June 2012
Coursera – Algorithms, Part I – August 2012
Coursera – An Introduction to Interactive Programming in PythonOctober 2012
Coursera – Algorithms, Part IINovember 2012

Current Sandbox

(The bits & books I am voraciously consuming right now…)
Python, GitHub, JavaScript design patterns, ASP.NET MVC 4, Visual Studio 2012Microsoft Entity Framework, Ruby on Rails, native Android development w/ Eclipse IDE

Future Sandbox

(The waiting list of technologies I’m anxious to dig into in the near future…)
NHibernate, Node.js, NoSQL technologies (MongoDB, CouchDB, Raven DB)


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Minor in Computer Science, 1999
Boston College