MeI am currently a Senior Software Engineer at Kenexa, working in Waltham, MA on the flagship 2x Brassring Applicant Tracking System. By day I work almost exclusively with the Microsoft .NET stack, but as an avid learner I’m digging into the world of open source as well. I’m currently learning Python (and loving it), scratching the surface of Ruby and GitHub, and brushing up on Java skills. I’ve caught the MOOC bug as well, so I’m taking a number of great courses at places like Coursera. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Boston College, minoring in Computer Science. After getting burnt out by mere bi-weekly 5 hour stretches of lab work, I turned my sights to the exciting world of programming and the Web. After graduating I enjoyed a brief ride on the tech bubble just before it burst, working at Cambridge, MA based start-up Inforay.

For more information about my professional background, please see my resume.

SamanthaOutside of work I have vague memories of pursuing such passions as ice/roller
hockey and golf. That was a different time, before the birth of my beautiful daughter Samantha. I’ve gladly traded in my skates and clubs to devote 95% of my free time to her. While Sam is sleeping, the other 5% is split between trying to keep up with yard work and some of my surviving passions… Pearl Jam (I lost count around 50 shows), learning new technologies, collecting (and consuming) wine and following the Bruins, Red Sox and Patriots. I have to admit that I still do dust off the sticks for an occasional round of golf as well.